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Maga Design, Inc.

A visual system for mapping information, assets, and actions

A visual system for mapping information, assets, and actions

A visual system for mapping information, assets, and actions

A visual system for mapping information, assets, and actions



"So far the Pod Board has been helpful to map opportunities across accounts. As we grow the awareness of Readiness across the Firm (which the board focuses on) I see it's utility moving from being helpful to necessary."

- Former DoD Officer

"Incredibly useful for my agile development team. It provides real time guidance to employees at all levels."

- Senior consulting manager

"I need a Pod Board."  

- CTO of a global consulting firm

What are indicators that you need a visual system in place?

Changes are constant and need to be captured continuously

People need to participate and stay up-to-speed

Decisions and changes need to be made real-time

Achieve More
The Pod Board is activated by techniques that allow visual relationships to easily come to life

What can you accomplish with the Pod Board?


Depict information through multi-tiered visual relationships


Form insights over time based on the utility and movement of information


Analyze key trends and drivers to create informed strategies

What principles help bring the Pod Board to life?


Various sizes and quantities to accommodate the scale of your information


Groupings of unique shapes to visualize relationships of information


Various colors within a range of parts to create distinction within information








The Pod Board is offered in three standard sizes to accommodate your organization


3'x4' board
10 circular pods
10 triangle pods
40 circular chips
40 chip stickers
4 rectangular labels


4'x6' board
20 x circular pods
20 x triangle pods
80 circular chips
80 chip stickers
6 rectangular labels


4'x8' board
30 circular pods
30 triangle pods
120 circular chips
120 chip stickers
8 rectangular labels

All kits come with a whiteboard marker set, eraser, Playbook, and Sticker Template.


Do you know you need this, but don't know where to start? Let us run facilitated Design Thinking exercises to determine the best methodologies to get your team better, faster, stronger!



The Pod Board Playbook is designed to enable quick and easy set up of your board with over 15 recommended visual strategies. The handy guide enables your team to experiment with many well-known management programs and keep the core tenets of your Pod Board in mind and at hand.


✔︎ Andon
✔︎ Bottleneck Analysis
✔︎ Continuous Flow
✔︎ Gemba
✔︎ Heijunka
✔︎ Hoshin Kanri
✔︎ Kaizen
✔︎ Kanban
✔︎ KPIs
✔︎ Muda
✔︎ PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
✔︎ Root Cause Analysis
✔︎ SMART Goals
✔︎ Takt Time
✔︎ Value Stream Mapping
✔︎ Visual Factory


How does Pod Board work?

Configure and utilize your board using one of our 17 recommended methodologies and watch as your team immediately improves visualization, talent optimization, project management, and cost cutting. In the long term, you will see accelerated personnel development, streamlined processes, positive culture, and overall continuous improvement.

Okay, so Pod Board will help visualize management, but how does Pod Board help my team?

Your Pod Board supports a culture of collaboration and offers your organization a persistent location for employees to “rally” around. We have seen teams grow in many ways, including by valuing success at the team level, encouraging recognition of accomplishments, and creating a customer-centric culture.

Can I order custom shapes?

Yes! Custom shapes, whiteboard skins, specialized stickers, and overall system design are all available. Please contact us directly to discuss availability, turnaround time, and pricing.

I’m a C-level executive - why do I need this?

Our product was designed on three tenets of a successful organization: Enable Leadership, Develop People, and Cultivate Continuous Improvement. Our flexible, tangible system will help you track, manage, and make informed decisions around different lenses of your dynamic organization.

Do you offer digital Pod Boards?

We do not offer digital Pod Boards at the moment, but we do have versions in the works! Please contact us if you want to be an alpha-tester of a digital Pod Board system.

I don’t know which system will be most effective in my organization. Can you help me set up my board?

Yes! Maga Design offers personalized consulting services to help you determine the best visualization methodologies to employ. Please contact us for more details.

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